Pynkerton Chiropractic Group

Chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN, Dr. Pynkerton Newton.

Dr. P. Dion Newton, a chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN utilizes non-surgical, drug-free methods to address your health care needs. He is a native of Indiana. Pynkerton Chiropractic is devoted to the health and well being of each of our patients. Your comfort is our primary concern.

He earned his undergraduate education by way of a full athletic scholarship in football, and his graduate education by way of an academic fellowship. His athletic abilities led him to further his career as a personal fitness consultant and competitive bodybuilder in addition to being a chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN. He holds many bodybuilding championship titles including Mr. Indianapolis, Mr. Ball State University, and Mr. Indiana.

As a consultant to Logan College, Dr. Newton has become a visiting lecturer and speaker on multicultural issues involving the chiropractic field. He has made numerous radio and television appearances and continues to offer educational lectures and motivational seminars to learning institutions and the general public.

Dr. Newton, a chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN, is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, located in St. Louis, Missouri. He received the Logan College Meritorious Award for efforts in developing a Logan College recruitment effort at prominent and historically black colleges. This achievement led to the development of Multicultural Affairs at Logan College.

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